Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Avrival in the USA

So I have been in the US (Fairfax, Virginia. Washington DC) for almost a month now, whoa, where's the time gone! I arrived on Dec 11th and have been shown the most gracious hospitality and kindness by all of Heather's family and friends here. (Especially Thad and Pamela Lurie, Heather's bro & sis in law) Between Monty Python quips and Dark Crystal quotes it goes without saying that I feel very welcome.

I guess a few of you have been wondering whats been happening seeings how I have neglected to write or call, well we have been busy, taking a break! I think the best way to share it is with some pictures, and the odd description / story to accompany it, and if I remember correctly it might even be chronological...


Burke Lake, VA. Still no snow.... 18/12/06

Burke Lake, VA.  Still no snow.... 18/12/06
About 10mins from Thad and Pamela's place. SWEET! Disc golf, 4.8 mile lake circuit and lots of squirels to chase... It's so funny when they miss time their jump and head butt a tree instead, a little head shake and they prance off through the leaf litter.

Ice Hockey 22/12/06

Ice Hockey 22/12/06
My first ever Ice Hockey game, yeah! But apparently your supposed to call it Hockey. We were 'rooting' for the Capitols, personally I was just trying to figure out where the hell the puck was...

Davis Cross Country Ski trail ~ Early Jan

Davis Cross Country Ski trail ~ Early Jan
I knew I should have brought my skis... And some matches... But actually, all the same it is always great getting out. Especially when it is wet!