Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ireland ~ What a shite hole...

Feb 21st we flew out to Dublin from the USA. We worked on our small business and got to know Dublin pretty well over three weeks. Signs like. 'Probably the best pizza in Ireland' still haunt our memories.

March 16th we left Dublin to travel around Ireland by rental car. Mike got sick immediately and did not stop having diarrhea for approximately 10 days. Something nasty.
Somewhere in that time we saw Casper and Nadine in Cork, on St Patricks day no less, we were offered accommodation but declined due to Mike's potentially infectious pooh.

The highlight of the 10 day trip [Other than poohing a lot] had to be watching an Irishman drive his car on a beach. He was obviously having a great time doing donuts, and tempted fate twice by driving into the ocean. The third time he wasn't so lucky, he got stuck and a set of waves rolled on in and pummeled his precious Honda Accord. Much to many on lookers delight. [What a dick] Even when onlookers ran out and tried to convince him to leave the car, he wouldn't. More waves rolled in, this time lifting and spinning his now worthless Honda Accord. We were positioned on a hill overlooking the beach, so we had a perfect view of the events, especially how he kept his hands, white knuckled tightly on the steering wheel as the car got spun around. At some point he must of got brave and let go long enough to flick the window wipers on as waves literally crashed over the bonnet / hood of the car. The futile wiper blades where no match for waves but it did give us a brief glimpse of a terror stricken facial. Eventually a Land Rover pulled his sorry arse out of the sea, with his worthless scrap metal in tow. 15 seconds later another wannabe was doing donuts no more than 15 meters away, obviously showing him up.

March 26th we left Dublin by ferry for Wales, then by train to London for a few days, before we departed for Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean for Heather's brothers wedding......

Ireland was an interesting experience to say the least. The Irish drink and they fight. Usually in that order.

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Burke Lake, VA. Still no snow.... 18/12/06

Burke Lake, VA.  Still no snow.... 18/12/06
About 10mins from Thad and Pamela's place. SWEET! Disc golf, 4.8 mile lake circuit and lots of squirels to chase... It's so funny when they miss time their jump and head butt a tree instead, a little head shake and they prance off through the leaf litter.

Ice Hockey 22/12/06

Ice Hockey 22/12/06
My first ever Ice Hockey game, yeah! But apparently your supposed to call it Hockey. We were 'rooting' for the Capitols, personally I was just trying to figure out where the hell the puck was...

Davis Cross Country Ski trail ~ Early Jan

Davis Cross Country Ski trail ~ Early Jan
I knew I should have brought my skis... And some matches... But actually, all the same it is always great getting out. Especially when it is wet!